How long will I receive my Walli upon purchase?

    • Order ships in 2 days.

    What is the Everyday Smart Wallet?

    • A smart wallet that connects to your phone and help you keep track of it and it's contents.
    How do I connect my smart wallet to my phone?
    • First you must download the Walli app onto your phone. Once you have the Walli app installed, hold your smart wallet over your phone and press the "connect" button in the Walli app. This may take up to a minute.
    Is my phone compatible?
    • The everyday smart wallet is only compatible with device that run Android 4.4 or above and iPhone (4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, X)
    Do I have to charge my smart wallet?
    • The everyday smart wallet does not require charging. Instead, its powered by a single coin cell battery (CR2032), which can last up to 6 months and super easy to replace. Simply, open the zipper in the middle of the wallet and replace the battery from the hidden piece of hardware. It takes less than a minute!
    What else can my smart wallet do?
    • Forgot Your Card? - Aside from notifying you when you leave it behind, the everyday smart can also monitor a card pocket and will notify you when you leave a card behind. Simply, set a timer and the Walli app will notify you when your card has been out of its pocket for too long.
    • Find My Phone - Press the secret button on your wallet twice and it will trigger an alarm on your phone, even if it's on silent mode! Your phone must be within 100 ft.
    • Last Known Location - The Walli app remembers the last known location of your wallet in case you miss a notification. You can track it down and navigate back to the place where you last had it.
    • Find My Wallet - Press a button in the Walli app ,and if the wallet is nearby, it will start to ring.

     How can I contact support?

          Email us at